About us

Schiwarz [spelled as shewawrts] celebrating its 15th successful business journey this year has always had the uncanny ability to carry ahead the changing market trends upwards to derive maximum advantage within the inflexion point. Over the years of the business collaboration we create new revenue opportunities for our clients injecting the latest technology with innovative business revenue model what they have always been expecting with us. Schiwarz delivered them perfectly ‘Ace in the hole’ that’s what we call it.

Business streams

The biggest benefit of doing business with Schiwarz is, we consistently surpass the clients expectations with the best suited tailor made business solution for their needs. We offer a variety of comprehensive and professional services to e-publishing and pre-press  industry.

Cost effective leadership management

At Schiwarz, cost saving measures is in place to control the operational cost within the margin what our planning department derive. Such commissioning is implemented in every department where it makes the best economic sense with least amount of acceptable risk ensuring our clients receive the best quality we promised for their money.

True professionalism

Our staff is well trained in delivering ‘on time’ ‘on value’ ‘on budget’ with high degree of ownership for  quality and timelines. The credibility and dependability of staff integrity has been a major manpower driven source for the Schiwarz’s successful growth. With this kind of atmosphere our clients enjoy an uninterrupted service and unmatched quality that too for a competitive price, best Data Security and a 24/7 support system.

What makes us different, than the rest?

Well, we’re not just another software development company!

A leading digital transformation company offering end-to-end software development application solutions (web & mobile based), along with designing amazing UI & UX. Providing the latest of technology solutions, such as Cloud Computing, DevOps, we also provide seamless connectivity with the help of our IoT based solutions, along with AI &  ML leveraging your organizational efficiency.