Application Maintenance

Most of the companies , is faced with the challenge of developing new generation software applications while continuing to run the business with existing systems. This will put tremendous strain on the companies resources. So, the company will need a vendor who can take ownership of those software applications and provide quality service and projects at the right cost.

Schiwarz Solution

Schiwarz has well and mature software application maintenance processes, which allow effective capture, resolution and reporting of software maintenance requests. All our software maintenance projects are governed and monitored by the SLA framework which covers: –

  • Requests management
  • Work around
  • Resolution
  • Root cause analysis

The unique value-added proposition from our offshore division in India is based on our offshore software programming team’s talent to use global software project delivery model for application maintenance.

We can also provide software consultancy on the following disposition plans for your company’s software applications: –

  • Transform
  • Retire
  • Consolidate
  • Replace

Business Benefits

  • Improve stability and efficiency of mission-critical software applications
  • Continuous improvements in quality of service
  • Refocus your energies on strategic initiatives
  • Keep applications in line with the latest software technologies
  • Reduce total cost of ownership, thereby enabling you to invest more in your strategic IT initiatives