Visual plays an important role in attracting viewers’ attention. If the visual is as attractive as the book, then the book is instant hit. For instance, when we open a book you can’t stop your eyes going for the picture the moment we open it. In most of the books the graphics makes the clear concept of the whole book.

Schiwarz’s CGI team understands the essential of the art and graphics works and play according to it. Our graphic designers are innovative and experienced in evaluating viewers experience while reading a book and stick to the concept to make the reading more purposeful and enjoyable.

Our graphic team’s most important purpose is to provide;

  • Cover design
  • Raster to vector conversion
  • Imaging workflow
  • Art work development to the core concept of the subject
  • Photo research management
  • Retouching and reproducing of art work
  • Redraw and relabeling of photos
  • Enrich the picture by giving the photos a catchy caption
  • Enough pictures scattered along the flow of the text throughout the book

Schiwarz’s Graphics team manages permissions, acquisitions and permissions management. Our team has in-depth knowledge in the graphic applications and knows perfectly to suit the required application according to the demand of the subject of the book.

Scanning Department

Our exclusive scanning department provides high quality scanning services from artworks to drawings with the latest software installed. Image manipulation, font recognition, color correction, re-labeling and redrawing artwork and a range of image conversion tools used to manipulate the images.