Data Security

The need of – Data Security

Regardless of its form, a data is ensured that it remains secure. Our comprehensive system of multi-tier security system is implemented and followed. This system uses both manual and automated solutions to secure the data permanently.

A confidential non-disclosure agreement has been signed by our employees against disclose any information related to our clients and their material. The securely archived and stored physical data, work flow, electronic data and documentations are automatically destroyed with a prior notice of warning, once the client’s specified period is lapsed.

A lost data will be millions of worth when it was lost, so preventive is better than rescue. We are well aware of the need for document, data and human security in this industry. With our priority systems always enabled, the client’s data will always receive the highest level of security.

A stringent policy control system controls all of our job activities, from incoming to outgoing, are well documented and tracked. Maneuver validation of the work flow process is being backed up every day, In addition we have a parallel systems that back up every 30 minutes, 24/7 and kept in a safely. A total back-up of system data’s are performed once in a month are archived and readily available for any emergency re-creation.