Library Automation:

Libraries globally have taken major initiatives to deliver the information services through digital media, as the Information Technology has taken over the digital media with its innovative methodology and readily accessible technology has become the most sought development in the last two decades.

Schiwarz – with its colorful blend of capabilities, would be able to make significant contributions to the worldwide Librarians in their automation and document management system needs through.

We Convert data/image from hard copy or any file format to PDF. High quality PDF output will considerably reduce the need of OCR clean up. Adobe Acrobat Capture gives us good results with reduced time and effort in scanning, the media used to create PDF files. PDF offers document conversion and digital imaging to fit any requirement and plan, from uncomplicated image scanning, to image overlaying concealed – yet searchable – text, to fully converted text documents that can be customized and maintained.

Our Comprehensive range of pre-press services includes media conversion, copy-editing, SGML / HTML / XML coding, illustration creation, scanning and editing, typesetting and pagination and electronic file production for press, Internet and media publication. Delivering data in the following output formats: PS or PRN, PDF, Bromide RC Paper, Positive/Negative Film, SGML, HTML, XML, MathML and Custom Code.