Candidates should match our requirements. Suitable candidates will be intimidated through phone or e-mail. So a valid please phone no and e-mail is a must.  Part time job seekers intimate your Education hours; those who are suitable for our timings will be provided with a job. A letter of conduct from your Head of the Department is necessary.
1: Text Processors
Editing/processing SGML, XML & other tagged data graduates/Post graduates – Any discipline
60% academic record at school and college levels.
Excellent English language skills
English Typewriting-Higher/lower
Prior experience is an added advantage
2: Compositors
Graduate / PG with 2+ years of relevant experience.
Work experience in composition & typesetting software
Working knowledge of SGML, XML, and DTD’s & style sheets
Ability to lead, develop training methodologies.
3: Graphic Operators
Graduate / PG with 2+ years of relevant experience.
Experience in creating and re-processing line art, gif, jpeg and other images essential.
Candidates shall forward your resume to: jobs@schiwarz.com