Math Conversion

Mathematical Markup Language:

Mathematical Markup Language (MathML) is an application of XML for describing mathematical notations and capturing both its structure and content. It aims at integrating mathematical formulae into World Wide Web documents.

Nowadays authors and publishers prefer their production and development process built around a central XML based repository, the XML based markup for describing mathematics using MathML Is a good choice. It also enjoys the benefit of web publishing with the combination of HTML and MathML, which is virtually a better choice. One of the major intentions of using MathML is to display high quality Scientific and mathematical content on the web. MathML encodes mathematical notation and its content for a high quality display. Other applications that use MathML are algebra and print-Typesetting.

One of the chief characteristics of STM content is the presence of mathematical equations. Traditionally Math Type, Tex, Powermath, etc., are used to represent equations. But when using the MathML as a process for the equations, various MathML program will be used in various stages of the process.

Usually author’s documents will be in various formats as of their choice. They are converted to a XML platform using document conversion tools, suitable for the central repository. The most common formats for mathematical equations are Tex / Latex and MathType. When a specific publication is to be produced, contents must be chosen from the central repository, style rules are applied, layout and pagination added and the mathematical content is converted using MathML tools which is required to format the mathematical content.

The choice of HTML with MathML for web publication permits the MathML formatting step to appear in the viewer’s browser.