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What is TeX?

The four most important reasons often cited for using LaTeX are:

Output Quality, Superior Technology, Platform Independent, and Free.

• Tex is the most preferred format for the American Mathematical Society.
• Academic publishing and other social sciences widely uses Tex.
• They are used for Research science, conference proceedings and textbook drafts.
• Font handling and multilingual support is excellent. Print directly from the PDF ability is well supported in the latest version of the Tex.

Work Flow:

Setting technical material comes into ease with Tex, and it’s one of the best reasons why Tex is used. For instance, Tex classifies each and every mathematical symbol as a relation or a variable and sets them with required surrounding space. Superscripts, subscripts, brackets and radicals are sized appropriately. Tex is stable. Millions of users confirm this. Tex is old but it suits today’s trends. Tex is widely popular amongst the Academic publishers, researchers and scientists.

What is LaTeX?

LaTeX is an associate and a macro package based on TeX. It simplifies TeX. Typesetting is simplified with the use of Latex, mostly for the complex mathematical formulae. The latest authors have contributed many useful styles and packages to Latex; LaTeX comprises a group of TeX commands. When a text file is created using Latex markup, the Latex macro reads and produces the final document. The final output is processed by the styles or the macro package associate with Latex. Latex can produce several formats of documents. DVI and PDF are natively supported.  Other software can be used to create PS, JPG, PNG, etc.

Many authors structure their documents with the features available in Latex by meaning rather than by appearance when a Latex author indicates an acronym as “the\ac with Tree Based Hashing method. The advantage of using this is, \ac is run by a computer not a manual entry, so the style and size is reliable throughout the document, this is appear as TBH in the paper. Later TBH will be the all that is shown. Second advantage is once the information meaning is available in the computer then we can do more with it, like an index of acronyms. There are thousands of style files are available for the Latex to do everything from adapting the basic needs,  making cross references into hyper reference  allowing us to add epigraphs, short quotations or to decorate the start or end of a chapter.