Project Management

Schiwarz’s administrative approach towards executing a project from start to finish by employing modern management techniques and systems, help us achieve the predetermined objectives of quality, time, scope and cost to equal satisfaction of those involved. Our privileged project management team perfectly plans and executes the project.

Our project management service is classified into:

Contact with publishers, authors, editors, and production houses
Control of copy editing services
Author contact
Typesetting services
Conversion into eBooks

Our efficient project management team works out planning tools, methodologies, processes and implementation. They will study the practical and conceptual methods, project management- systems approach to planning, scheduling, controlling, allocation of necessary resources, directing, monitoring, assessing, remedying any snags, and finally delivering the product.

Project management process involves:

Copy editing / Artwork
Quality control
Author contact
Status review

Schiwarz’s one-to-one project management team handles various complexity levels in STM publications with ease and focused on high quality final output. They are responsible to resolve the queries related to the project which is in all shapes and sizes. A single point of contact is established between the client and the project manager. Our Project Manager will conduct meetings with the clients on a regular basis to review the situation. The review is well documented and sent to the respective team for further actions and improvements in a simple and straight forward approach.