Project Management Services:

Contact with publishers, authors, editors, and production houses

Control of copy editing services

Author contact

Typesetting services

Conversion into eBooks

E-publishing Services:

Scanning services for scanning and digitization of print books for conversion into eBooks.

• Your content is converted as electronic books as simple as possible

EBooks are delivered with highest quality with superior technology

Delivery eBook Library platforms for delivery of eBooks to end consumers

Pre-Press Services:

Typesetting from Manuscript or author supplied files;

Data capture and conversion

Editing services including

Technical editing,

Copy editing

Design and graphics services, including;


File conversion,

Redrawing and

Relabeling of artwork

MathType file handling;

Electronic content delivery

Composition Knowledge:

Print & Electronic Media;

Uses industry standard composition tools namely


Adobe InDesign,

Quark X Press

Knowledge & Expertise in managing all the different workflows

Editorial Service:

Copy Editing

Some of the content types are:

Academic and scientific

Commerce, marketing, and management

Finance and trade

Humanities and social sciences



Medical and health related

Technical Editing

All typesetting issues

Table layouts

Aligning equations

Complex lists

Floats such as figures, boxes, and schemes

Artwork/Illustration Services:

End-To-End illustration

Some of the activities undertaken are:

Graphic reproduction

High-end color scanning

Image retouching and manipulation

Relabeling and redrawing

Digital proofing

Art rendering

Technical and medical drawing

Animation graphics


Design solutions for books, manuals, journals, websites, brochures, catalogs, advertisements, dictionaries, encyclopedias, and reference works.

XML + DTD Schema:

Customized style sheet according to customer’s DTD

Specialized quality control tools

XML-based templates in LaTeX

Delivery of XML at page proofs, revisions, issues, or at any other stage

Generation of XML files based on publisher’s DTD

Conversion from one DTD to another

Typesetting from XML files

Providing solutions in other formats such as HTML and ASCII

Data Conversion Services:

XML / SGML / HTML / Math / Litigation support coding and tagging

• OCR and scanning

• Image processing

• Convert various format to Xml output

• Print on demand solutions

• Powermath

• Xmath and Math Platinum

• Cross-platforms conversions; e.g., MAC to Windows, etc.