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The process of converting an article or information available to the public and the art of developing that digital content to display through an electronic media like pc, mobile or a kindle is known as e publishing. Schiwarz epublishing Services Company in Chennai India is a cost effective high quality electronic digital publication company developing of eBooks, articles, medical, scientific and scholarly journals and e-migration.

Electronic Publishing – Workflow



What Schiwarz e-publishing services offer you?

Schiwarz electronic publishing team is expert in developing custom software tool based on client’s specific and customized tagging methods including linking the external document indexes coding them with XML/SGML tags using our software for e-publishing services. We convert any form of input content to XML, SGML, HTML, MathML or a portable PDF document that can be viewed through browsers. This has download facility from the browser and can e viewed on computers or PDA devices. Schiwarz is one of the low cost electronic publishing company helps our clients n delivering them the highest market quality with quick turnaround.

  • Your content is converted as electronic books as simple as possible
  • We will help you with lower the production cost and garner a higher profit
  • EBooks are delivered with highest quality with superior technology
  • ebook process are optimized with neat design and controlled management
  • Adapting the future developments of the eBook readers positions you to the no. 1 position in the epublishing market.

Having outsourced to Schiwarz helps you to gain,

  • High quality electronic publishing service for comparatively low cost per product
  • Exceptional core team structure with controlled growth makes you save you money
  • Processes according to the Epub standards which gains you to access to more customers
  • Quick TaT ensures your product reaches the market with no time
  • Larger volume of your content is converted with rapid speed
  • High revenue model

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