Web Application Development

A web application is a piece of software that runs in a web browser that allows a user to perform a function. While a website is defined by a site that hosts content, a web application is defined by its interaction with a user. Whether it be a small mortgage calculator or a large CRM tool, both are considered web applications.

Defining the business need

Before we kickoff a project, we like to take a look at, not only the technical need, but the business need. We feel that knowing the business need and how this application is going to be ingrained into our client’s business processes is paramount to how we are going to technically build the web application.

Our development process

We find that an Agile software development process is the best way to develop web applications. It offers a collaborative effort between our clients and our development team, allowing us to deliver working software, quickly.

Access your data anywhere

When developing your web application, we’re always thinking of a mobile component. We create an architecture that is built to integrate a mobile web application, allowing users to access and control their data regardless of device or platform.

The final product

We follow a rigorous optimization and testing process that ensures we are delivering elegant, high quality and bug free software. We write good code, which means the code is extensible and will be able to grow with your business.

We focus on:

  • Financial Web Applications
  • Field technician web applications
  • Administrative dashboards and analytics
  • Elegant user experiences and clean interfaces
  • API and data integration
  • Insightful reporting and forecasting
  • Seamless product launch