Workflow DTD & XML process

Process work flow

Electronic Input analysis – Software specifications – Process  specifications – DTD Analysis/Creation – Tool development –  Process structure  for keying / OCR –  Tagging – Indexing – Map tagged file vs. input – QC & QA – Pre-dispatch check Delivery – Feedback – Implement improvements on a continuous basis.

We follow a high Levels of Accuracy with Strict Quality Process techniques to ensure high accuracy levels in projects. All the data that is keyed in is 100% key verified using our in-house developed tool. Project managers ensure that every job is keyed in accurately, and that output is given in accordance with specifications laid down by the customer. All data is run through final edits, checking for proper data formatting and validation. Testing and loop back processes at required levels trap and rectify common errors. Incentives to operators are based on a blend of error to speed that helps accuracy levels at the entry pass.

Our software team takes the total commitment for developing any new software to match our client needs. Our perfection, ideas and innovation assures an even-handed to all of our clients. Our clients receive the highest level of accuracy, best interest presently, and in the future.

Validation Parsing of SGML / XML data is mandatory for all SGML / XML data before delivery to the customer.