XML Coding and Conversion Services

XML First Workflow:

XML first workflow creation and DTD schema designing and structuring

XML technology is innovative, platform independent as well as hardware independent. XML workflows are flexible solution, especially to carry and store the dynamic content or Information to adapt to increased demands. XML has become one of the biggest advantages to the document field for high quality XML content workflow through multi-channel output.



XML and DTD workflow design structure to avail variable contents

XML workflow structure explained

  • Defining DTD [Document Type Definition]
  • Incorporating author/publisher’s specification
  • Structuring and data modeling
  • Input coding properties
  • Methodology and structuring the properties
  • XML orientation and applications
  • Quality procedure and documentation
  • Addition of SGML / XML tags
  • Linking and identifying
  • Finished XML output as per the customer needs

XML conversion technology builds the database with exceptional output quality and functionality. The XML conversion process has developed superior conversion method for technical and scientific content production amongst the highly qualified staff of Schiwarz XML conversion services.

Schiwarz has been successfully involved in producing many high complexity digital content tasks which are real challenge for our content specialists who are comfortable in integrating various ranges of typesetting composition and applications and creating first xml workflow for Indesign, 3B2, Latex and FrameMaker into XML processes which gives the best deal for the customers to choose between with various digital content generated from the xml workflows.

What do we offer you?

  • Developing and designing of XML and DTD schema
  • XML first-workflow-for-Indesign
  • End to end XML integration with Indesign, Quark, Latex etc.,

Some of the do’s about XML

  • XML is a markup language much like HTML and SGML
  • XML specialty is to carry the digital content, will not display them like HTML
  • XML has the advantage of defining our own tags
  • XML carries the structure of SGML
  • XML has the ability to support various applications
  • XML is concise and compatible
  • XML is used in HTTP and MIME
  • XML is flexible, extensible and purposeful

Some of the dont’s about XML

  • XML is not everything
  • XML does not do anything than carrying and storing information
  • XML is not easy to understand