XML/DTD Design Schema

With e-first book production workflow, we develop XML based DTD design SCHEMA workflows for our customers with specialized services for XML structuring includes of styles-parse-validate-artwork and perform DTD edits.

Our in-house developed tools have a good control over XML output quality with user friendly interface and accurate structuring of the processes involved in XLS, XLT and XHTML conversion.

We transform XML to and from:

  • XML to PDF document
  • XML to Word/RTF
  • XML to HTML
  • XML to XHTML

Schiwarz book publishing services help you with flexible solution to simplify eBook reading, conversion and incorporating them with tablet pc or any eReader application thus offers you a chance to enhanced eBooks reading facility.

What do we offer you?

  • Developing and designing of XML and DTD schema
  • XML first-workflow-for-Indesign
  • End to end XML integration with Indesign. Quark, Latex etc,

Some of the do’s about XML

  • XML is a markup language much like HTML and SGML
  • XML specialty is to carry the digital content, will not display them like HTML
  • XML has the advantage of defining our own tags
  • XML carries the structure of SGML
  • XML has the ability to support various applications
  • XML is concise and compatible
  • XML is used in HTTP and MIME
  • XML is flexible, extensible and purposeful

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